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We are an initiative on a journey to creating and enabling sustainable action. We seek to better the environment and leave a safer and cleaner planet behind for our children and all future generations. The environment is one of the biggest issues of the day, and it requires immediate mediation.

Building a sustainable firm can lead to many paths and cover multiple targets. For some time we have focused internally as GreenHatters at Analutus, looking into the various ways we can move towards a more sustainable and responsible firm. We have realized that one of the key target areas is energy conservation, owing to one important fact - it is an avenue for carbon reduction that we as a firm, can control and try to ensure that we make a difference. And that is where our sustainability journey began.

We utilize the GRI Framework in our Sustainability Reporting work, which is supported by knowledge obtained from the GRI Certified Sustainability Reporting Course and practical experience.


As professionals most of us crunch number. We find value in big data and help firms find incredible hidden value in their data. We put brainstormed focus on making the journey towards sustainability easier for ourselves and for some of our customers. Energy use and the associated carbon footprint and ways it are quick and easy targets. Since it is all about numbers and that is our forte, we clinically dissect data on energy use and demonstrate how an individual, community or a business potentially contributes to the threats to our environment.

Awareness is the fundamental issue in all sustainability lead causes. We have started by funding the development of some educational films to kick-start the larger sustainability program. We want to create awareness for carbon emissions. Sustainability has many roads that can begin with little or no effort on the part of the consumers and this is possible only with the collective conscience of the society being piqued to environmental concerns. Analutus and the GreenHatters educational program will help lead the way.

Our effort is internally funded and is targeted as NOT for Profit.
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