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GreenHatters takes the initiative to set out on a journey to create and enable sustainable action. We seek to improve the environment by providing an everlasting safer and cleaner planet for future generations. Protecting the environment is an urgent issue that requires immediate mediation.

Building a sustainable firm can lead to many prospering paths and cover multiple targets. We are dedicated in providing innumerable methods that exemplify our responsibilities as a sustainable firm. GreenHatters key target area is energy conservation because it is an avenue for carbon reduction. Most importantly, we as a firm can control carbon reduction by tenaciously finding solutions that create a difference. Therefore, that is where our sustainability journey began.

We utilize the GRI Framework in our Sustainability Reporting work, which is supported by knowledge obtained from the GRI Certified Sustainability Reporting Course and practical experience.



There are two topics on every Nations Government agenda. How to manage the Energy needs of the country and how do we reduce our carbon footprint? Mankind needs energy to survive. Energy comes in many forms and among them Fossil fuel is the primary source.



We are geared to provide Advisory Consulting on Energy Conservation and Carbon Emissions planning and management for medium, large enterprise and government. We cover a wide variety of topic from Energy Audit all the way to Renewable energy options assessment and recommendations. The other aspect we focus on is Advisory Consulting on understanding Sustainability and creating an appreciation for Sustainable Action across the Enterprise. We also provide Advisory support for GRI, CDP, UNGC, reporting. Our Educational services are designed to suit a firms requirement on creating Sustainability awareness with its Management to Employees, covering a wide range of topics including reporting agencies.





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