Sadiq Mohammed
President, GreenHatters

Sadiq spent much of his life in the I.T. industry, an I.T. Nomad as he refers to his life in the I.T. World. Traveling week on week, across the globe, setting up offices in new territories it was all fun and lots of work. Meeting new people, exposed to new cultures and the down grading plight of the planet. The concern for the environment, life on the planet was always lurking in the background. There was concern and realization for action, but held back on what can I do to make a difference? Too little too late…

In 2013 after leaving KPMG he wanted to do something about the environment, kind of giving back as he calls it. It is now time! That became the byline for GreenHatters! There was also awareness that everyone can help and every little counts. Armed with a certification in GRI G4 reporting the ball was set rolling. Now with a lot more understanding of Why Sustainability is relevant and needs to be practiced by each and every one of us, if we want to do something about climate change.

Creating Awareness was critical. GreenHatters was born! As much of the globes citizen are truly unaware how they can pitch in and help to make it count. So he plunged into Environmental documentaries production leveraging young minds from Schools. And the results are available on the GreenHatters 2013 channel on YouTube.

CarbonGobbler came in to life, providing a platform for citizens to become more aware of their individual carbon footprint responsibility, particularly in the area of Energy use and Transportation choices. An ideal platform for Employee Engagement and Utility Customer Portals.

Sadiq Graduated from the University of Delhi, India

Nancy Mancilla
CEO & Co-Founder, ISOS Group

Nancy Mancilla is recognized as the CEO and Co-Founder of ISOS Group, a GRI Certified Training Partner and CDP Consultancy Partner for the United States that provides organizations of all sizes with training, report guidance and external assurance. In this capacity, Nancy has orchestrated 80+ GRI Certified Sustainability Reporting Trainings, co-taught MBA programs, regularly serves as a conference guest speaker and caters to industry roundtables by providing knowledge of the reporting process. 

Prior to starting ISOS, Nancy assisted Winrock International in developing the international organization’s sustainability services and led numerous micro-economic development projects related biodiversity, agronomics and renewable energy. 

Her first experience with sustainability reporting was obtained while working with Triodos Bank’s Sustainability Research unit in the Netherlands and then applying lessons-learned by analyzing the sustainability of Winrock’s hydro-electric projects in the Republic of Georgia as opposed to Russian energy sources.

Nancy earned her B.A. in International Relations (IR) with a Minor in Environmental Studies from the U.S. International University in San Diego, California. She also holds a M.A. in IR from the University of Amsterdam, as well as an inaugural M.P.S. (Public Service) from the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas where she dedicated her work to issues of sustainability.

Nancy holds a certificate for successfully completing the Sustainability Assurance Practitioner Training (AA1000 AS), certified by IRCA and delivered by Two Tomorrows USA, in November 2010. She is also a member of Corporate Responsibility Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Bruce Rowse

Bruce is an enthusiastic advocate of energy efficiency. From 2002 to 2013 he founded and operated an Energy Services Company, delivering energy audits, energy performance contracts and associated services in Australia. On selling this business in late 2013 he then moved into energy efficiency policy. He is currently working as a policy consultant to the Building Sector Energy Efficiency Project in Malaysia, a joint program between the United Nations Development Program and Department of Public Works Malaysia.