We utilize the GRI Framework in our Sustainability Reporting work, which is supported by knowledge obtained from the GRI Certified Sustainability Reporting Course and practical experience.

GRI provides a voluntary frame work for doing business right. It is all about values moving from physical and monetary items to accessing indirect economic impact, human aspects, labor practices, corruption, governance, and waste and water management among others. GRI includes reporting guidelines on how to report and it helps organizations understand standard disclosures on what to report, on maintaining consistency and bench marking with peers. GRI helps Improve efficiency and reduce costs. GRI is comparable trust worthy and addresses all stake holders.

Sustainability reporting is all about doing business right by bringing the enormity of the need for sustainable practices to light. It creates awareness that will lead to strategies to manage, control, save, and maintain the environment. – SHOWING THE VALUE IN FINANCIAL REPORTING.

When reporting on sustainability, organizational change is required to improve, set goals, and measure progress. We have seen that awareness is the key element for change to develop conscious efforts that will create a responsible sustainability led organization. 

Most often than not at the individual or even at an organizational level the premise being “there is nothing much I can do” or it is the case of Out of sight out of mind! Since we all have an inherent averseness to acknowledgement of potential damage (anything negative) we are becoming less responsible for collective damage. 

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability can be your organizations differentiator. Our services cover the following areas:

• Corporate Responsibility Program Development & Planning
• Stakeholder Engagement & Communications
• Transformation, Innovation & Strategy
• Materiality analysis 
• Risk assessment 
• Benchmarking 
• Sustainability roadmap 
• G4 Gap analysis
• GRI reporting assessment 
• Developing Data dashboard 
• Developing Score Cards 
• Verification


Sustainability - A tête–à–tête

The demand for environmentally friendly product and services continuously outstrip the supply and the pools of natural resources are slowly drying up. It is time to rethink how we buy, use, and reuse products and services. Our programs are directed at the businesses and their employees. The program aims to increase the level of conscious awareness among company’s staff and increase the need to conserve and develop sustainable practices.

Circle of Champions

Champions are what our planet needs in order for a sustainability strategy to be successfully implemented. In order to help make this possible companies should enable and empower their organization holistically. This program will help identify and qualify Champions of sustainability. These top performers will drive the initiative of your organization and create your company’s competitive advantage.

Sustainability Responsibility Overview

One of the main reasons why this has gone unrecognized is because of the lack of awareness. In order to emit a behavior an attitude must be formed and in order to create new attitudes individuals must be aware of the different ways they can easily help the betterment of the environment. What we find in most cases is that we are subconsciously acknowledging the damage of what the carbon emissions are doing to the environment globally. What most of us fail to recognize is that we are the main contributing factor of the harmful carbon emissions. This program focuses on creating a conscious awareness of environmental concerns and encourages implementation of solutions that improve the quality of living.


We help your team create environmental consciousness messages for your employees that demonstrate how different parts of the organization are working towards Sustainability. Companies will be creating a 2 or 3 minute film using every day equipment, such as mobile phones, papers, pencils and other creative media. These tools play a valuable role in creating involvement and conscious awareness on sustainability within the organization.

Energy Strategy

It is critical to have an energy strategy to be a sustainable business, conserve energy, and reduce carbon emissions. We typically follow a 5 step process:
1. First, we review current situations of energy use, the sources of energy use, and the resultant carbon footprint responsibility
2. Next, we take steps to build a Monitoring mechanism that allow us to understand the needs for energy consumption and its cycle
3. Next, we are able to identify potential areas for conservation and carbon reduction
4. Then, we work with customers to implement a program that will incorporate changes to usage pattern, and incorporate tools and equipment that will better manage you energy strategy
5. Lastly, we create systems and processes to continuously evaluate and improve your energy strategy
We believe that company’s environmental standards need to incorporate a strong measurement system, so that companies can stay results-oriented and monitor their progress.